1. 2012 – Nirmala Bhavanam, Nirmala Nagaram

2. October 2017 – Meeting with Dr.Thomas Isaac

The trigger behind focusing on sanitation and pollution issues in Alappuzha’s canals came from a meeting with Dr.Thomas Isaac. IIT Bombay, which had developed a student driven, decentralized data collection process about the situation of water and sanitation infrastructure through pilot studies in Nedumangad and Alibaug had been willing to implement the protocol in Alappuzha.

3. 27 November – 3 Dec 2017 – Winter School 2017

(include concept)

3.1 8 October 2017 – Idealization of Winter School

Through a visit to Alappuzha, the idealization of the initiative as a Winter School began to take shape. Development of the protocol for Winter School was done by the scholars from IIT Bombay with extensive discussions and consultations with multiple functionaries.

3.1.1 November 2017 – Inclusion of representatives

Mobilization of local youth as well as ward Councillors of Alappuzha Municipality into the participatory planning process for the Winter School.