2.1) Haritha Karma Sena – Green Jobs in Alappuzha

CANALPY has played an important role in the constitution and the subsequent capacitation of the Haritha Karma Sena (HKS), that has created livelihood opportunities for the local people through green jobs. With a vision to formalize solid waste management, expand the HKS enterprise in all 52 wards of Alappuzha and capacitate HKS as an entire ‘green jobs’ ecosystem, CANALPY pioneered a new model for plastic waste collection in Alappuzha. CANALPY sees HKS as the bridge between existing decentralised waste management initiatives and the new ones that would improve on the existing systems. 

The CANALPY team assisted in training and capacity women self-help group members and actively worked to initiate them into the HKS. CANALPY is currently working to revamp waste management routines in the town which would be based on Circular Economy and Integrated Sanitation Solutions. The process began with a campaign on October 2, 2021.

2.2) An experiment with MGNREGS for flood mitigation in Nedumudi Panchayat

The reduction of water holding capacity in Kuttanad is a major threat to flood mitigation. To develop a sustainable solution to this issue, CANALPY together with KSSP (Kerala Shastra Sahitya Parishad) conducted a pilot experiment with MGNREGS workers where a canal named “Powam thodu” was decongested to restore the water draining capacity of the canal through a participatory campaign. As part of the decongestion process, the bund construction component was added to the MGNREGS program with the help of panchayat where 1500 MGNREGS workers assisted in the construction of the clay bund.

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