Community disaster management plan for Nedumudi panchayat 2019

Community disaster management plan for

Nedumudi Panchayat 2019

A collaborative project with Nedumudi grama panchayath and Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishath 

Cost: 7 Lakhs

Period: 2018-2019 

Outputs & Outcomes :

  • Rejuvanation of 2km long powam canal in with local community and MGNREGA workers
  • 1 km long  bio-bund around mathoor padasekhram
  • Enhanced the efficiency of storm water drainages & More room for stormwater
  • Effective awareness building & ownership within the community
  • Strong boost of confidence to panchayat representatives to replicate similar activities with the support of MGNREGS
  • Kerala Govt scaled up Powam project in another 3KM stech canal with 1.7 crore investment
  • KIIFB has adopted the protocol and extended to other panchayats in Kuttand
  • More panchayats have replicated this practice (Kainakary panchayat has done the same in 2021)

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