CANSAN Campaign

CANALPY has undertaken campaigns involving school students, to sensitize them towards the concepts of canal pollution, total sanitation as well as the overall CANALPY protocol.

This is part of a larger vision that envisages school students as the key element of citizen governance of the canal commons.

Sustainable social interventions to continue the upkeep and maintenance of CANALPY’s initiatives are an ongoing effort that needs building different kinds of institutions. While canal committees are one part of this puzzle, the major effort will come from the student citizen initiative – CANSAN clubs. CANSAN is essentially a social initiative to solidify the responsibility of keeping Alappuzha clean among school students from a young age, which will feed into the ward-level governance of canals.

The organization of CANSAN clubs is at the school level, and the long-term goal of CANSAN is to promote ward-level local governance and ownership of Canal commons by the students themselves.

A town level IEC campaign was conducted with Alleppey Municipality to generate awareness of Liquid waste management with 10,000 school students from across 35 schools in Alappuzha as representatives to take the messages to their families through 5 programs – Suchitwa Quiz, Suchitwa play, Suchitwa song, Suchitwa class, and Suchitwa pledge.

Nirmala Bhavanam Nirmala Nagaram 2.0 Campaign

Nirmala Bhavanam Nirmala Nagaram 2.0 is an initiative by Alappuzha municipality as part of the ‘Azhakode Alappuzha’ campaign in consultation with CANALPY aiming for decentralized solid waste management in Alappuzha and to make households and the entire town zero-waste areas by practicing source segregation and processing.

As a first step towards elevating Alappuzha into a clean city, a mass cleanliness survey was conducted in all houses of Alappuzha municipality to find out the number of houses requiring instructions on waste disposal techniques. The strategy followed in the campaign was such that in selected wards, any one method of solid waste treatment was provided for each house and it was made necessary that household plastic waste must be collected with the help of HKS. Later, the inhabitants cleaned the public places in the ward collectively and those wards were declared complete sanitation wards. Currently, 7 out of 52 wards of Alappuzha municipality achieved complete sanitation ward status.


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